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Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to our company’s culture and core values, and the diversity of our employees is part of what makes us exceptional. We are committed to
creating an inclusive and diverse workforce where people can feel comfortable and be themselves,and as a result be productive and high prforming.

We understand that a diverse and inclusive workforce helps our buisness to foster an innovative, collaborative and high energy work environment, but also better understand our
clients’ needs and assist them with different perspectives utilising our vast experience.

Collaboration and partnership with the indigineous communities, local suppliers and companies around Australia allows us to understand the needs of the communities.
This allows our team to gain better understanding of the environment they work with and also allows us to bring additional value to our clients and assist them with better
understanding of how to achieve their goals.


Indigenous and Local

Business Support

ArraMODA is a culturally diverse committed to equal opportunity in employment. we appreciate the importance of employing Indigenous Australians throughout our operations and respect the diversity of indigenous Australian culture. We acknowledge that many Indigenous people experience conditions of social and economic disadvantage within Australia and the purpose of this policy is to communicate the Company’s approach to engagement of Indigenous Australian.


This policy applies to all our personnel, their subsidiaries and subcontractors across all projects and operations at all times.

Our Management team commits to the promotion of our policy and ensuring that employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians are developed and accompanied by relevant support programs.